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lillus was born from a childhood dream, from nostalgia and the passion for making distinctive pieces of furniture for elegant lounging. Every lillus chair evokes the real thing – a true representation of the ball in question, made in Germany using traditional handicrafts.


– Fairway to Heaven –


– The Origin of Football –


– Football Legends –


– Feel the Dribble –


– The Perfect Hit –


– Game, Set, Match –

Bowling CHAIR

– Clear the Lane –

Billiard CHAIR

– Stripes or Solids? –


– Timeless Classic –


– The Individualist –

Sports convey stories that are universally understood. They provide us with winners and losers, drama, and emotion. Everyone can relate to this and is moved by it worldwide. That’s precisely what our furniture embodies. Let us inspire you …

The exceptional ball chairs appeal to architects and designers as well as private customers. They succeed in integrating emotions – in both commercial projects and people’s lifestyle at home. In doing so, the sports chairs convey all the passion found in sports and invite customers to enjoy the quality and materials.


lillus premium sports furniture made in germany wembley

Quality Store Fitting & Interior Design: You can’t go wrong with a classic – that’s the concept behind all lillus models. Crafted as masterpieces, with meticulous attention to the aesthetic details of traditional craftsmanship …

golf chair black lounge chair lillus eagle sports furniture made in germany

Never offer anything less than the best: We provide sports-themed furniture with unmistakable character and timeless appeal. Each piece of furniture is tailor-made to order to perfectly complement your interior …

lillus premium sports furniture made in germany hotel jagdhof

Cult objects & real eyecatchers. lillus chairs are comfortable and real eye-catchers, combining quality, independent design, and a sporty edge anywhere that sport plays a role …

lillus Design Classics: Furnishing beyond the ordinary

Relaxing moments

Once you’ve seen the iconic sports-style seating furniture, you won’t forget them. lillus ball chairs captivate, inspire, and connect people worldwide. Each individual chair is an exact replica of its respective ball, thus recalling the great and small stories of sports. They seek the unique and distinctive, and inspire through craftsmanship and tradition.

lillus is a matter of the heart for lento. The unique brand centered around the ball draws from the cultural resource of sports. It commemorates the most legendary encounters while being closely linked to the associated players and balls.

leather football chair sports furniture hattrick lillus lento 2
leather football chair sports furniture hattrick lillus lento 3
lounge chair leather football chair sports furniture hattrick lillus lento 1

Ball-inspired seating furniture

Iconic sports-style furniture

Whether it’s football, golf, tennis, basketball, or baseball, each of the unique models possesses a distinctive character and is crafted with high-quality materials. In doing so, lillus combines the ultimate passion for sports with the refined style of fine classics, becoming the perfect companion for anyone with sporting ambition.

Ball Chairs in Sports Style: In the tradition of perfect form

A matter of style,
Not just performance.

They are perfectly rounded seating furniture that convinces as soloists just as much as in harmony with like-minded companions. Exceptional, exclusive, and distinctive design objects that capture attention in any room and endure for decades.

golf chair lounge chair sports furniture lillus eagle made in germany 2
golf chair lounge chair sports furniture lillus eagle made in germany 4
Detailbild lillus Loungesessel in weiß, Modell: Eagle auf einer Wiese

Ball Chairs that are sure to make every fan's heart beat faster

Taking all Hearts by storm

These chairs and seats are more than just lounge elements. They convey enthusiasm. For sports, the club, the company, or the event. They embody commonality. Like sports, they create a sense of home, demonstrate belonging and passion. A passion that holds international significance.

lillus lento referenzen nba basketball loungesessel ballsessel ballstuehle counterstuhl kickz 4

Sports as a Cultural Phenomenon

Sport plays a central societal role worldwide. It unites people with common interests, no matter how diverse they may be. It’s no wonder that sports marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising for generating enthusiasm and emotions, and transferring them to companies, products, and services.

With this collection, we present ourselves as the ideal choice for outfitting in all places where sports play a role, where it is practiced or consumed at a high level: for the sports industry, sports equipment manufacturers, sports services, and sports management. Where high-quality, modern, and globally unique interior concepts are sought, with a strong connection to the respective brand identity and a special sporting touch.

lillus lento referenzen nba basketball loungesessel ballsessel ballstuehle counterstuhl kickz 6

Comfort meets aesthetics


Yes, there are still good things in life. Things you like to surround yourself with. Because they exude a very special quality, are made from noble materials, and possess a distinctive character.

Out of love for sports, with passion and expertise, we have created true collector’s items: Design classics. Chairs shaped like balls, inspired by the simplest geometric shape of the sphere and crafted as faithful replicas. They have become oases of calm in public spaces, luxurious and truly extraordinary lounge chairs. Unique pieces made just for you. So that amidst all the sporting dedication, relaxation is not overlooked …

ball sessel kugel sessel stuhl lento lillus art style before competition schwarz 1
ball sessel kugel sessel stuhl lento lillus art style before competition schwarz 3
lillus by lento eagle golf stuhl counterstuhl tresenstuhl schwarz 7
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