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The hotel bar – a central space to linger, unwind, and connect. But what distinguishes excellent hotel bars? How do they become an appealing and welcoming place for hotel guests and other visitors? Lighting, music, offerings, and service, as well as the hotel bar interior, play a significant role in creating the desired atmosphere. Embarking on an interior design project with lillus!

Stylish Bar Furnishings

Interior Design for Hotel, Restaurant, Bar & Café

The atmosphere is crucial. Whether cosy and intimate or lively and energetic, each person has individual preferences. However, a hotel bar is considered good when guests enjoy spending time there. The bar and restaurant design contribute significantly to this: with seating that is as comfortable as it is durable. They should also match the overall decor and aesthetics of the hotel, resort or restaurant. Conveying authenticity and uniqueness. If you’re in need of inspiration, lillus offers the best ideas for delectable hotel bars and lounge ideas.

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Interior Design

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Leasing or
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When Individuality plays a Role in the interior design of hotels and bars

For the Perfect Hotel Bar Furnishings

lillus is perfect for those seeking individual and unique seating furniture that stands out from the furnishings in other bars. These are furniture pieces with a wow factor: the bar furnishings from lillus are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The distinctive pieces add extra shine to any bar, hotel, resort, restaurant or club – even home décor. For example, when lillus furniture is used in the kitchen counter setup.

It’s more than just a matter of aesthetics. The round shape, curved lines, and modern materials are inviting, yet as unique as the project at hand. So that lillus furniture fits into the overall interior design and atmosphere of the hotel, they can be modern, classic, retro, or thematically designed. Through the individual selection of colors and materials, they seamlessly blend in or stand out. For the most beautiful hotel bars in the world! A true resort for the senses!

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Bar Furnishings - Style is Crucial

Versatile Furniture

Sooner or later, the question of style arises in the planning of every bar for hotels. This is often aligned with the hotel’s target audience, geographical location, or overall hotel design or style. Ultimately, it always revolves around the design vision of the hotel owners or operators.

Bars in upscale luxury hotels are often classically furnished. In boutique and design hotels, on the other hand, interiors are typically very modern with clear lines, simple forms, and contemporary materials. The famous country style, on the other hand, is warm, cozy, and rustic, often found in hotels located in rural areas.

With its universal round shape and tremendous versatility, lillus not only provides the perfect lounge design for hotels but also for bar furnishings in hotels, cafes, and gastronomy.

Design Bar Stools as Centrepieces for Bars in Hotels, Restaurant & Co

Gastronomy Bar Furnishings & Hospitality Design

Is there a sporting theme? Perfect! In that case, lillus models in sport-style can showcase their strengths. Depending on the colours chosen, the focus on sports and all that we associate with it can vary. For instance, the sport of golf takes a backseat when the shell and upholstery for the bar or restaurant furnishings are entirely black.

We can also design the Ball Chairs in a completely neutral manner. Either with a plastic shell painted in the desired colour or with a shell that is padded on the outside as well. There are hardly any restrictions on the material. Fabric, leather? It doesn’t matter! We collaborate with all leading fabric and leather suppliers. Upon request, the hotel bar furnishings can also be branded and adorned with a custom logo. Need more inspiration for designers? lillus furniture is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any setting!

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Design & comfort for counter and bar

Hotel Bar Furnishings Made in Germany

Design is important, but the comfort of seating in the hotel and gastronomy industry is of even greater significance. Therefore, the well-padded seats of our furniture, including bar and counter stools, guarantee a comfortable sitting position. They are dimensioned to allow guests to comfortably take a seat. The backrest provides comfort when leaning back. The foot ring not only facilitates getting on and off but also serves as additional support while sitting.

The round bar stools or counter chairs come in various heights, allowing them to be used in a versatile manner for hotel bar furnishings: from low swivel chairs for traditional dining tables to counter stools for counters, and high bar stools for bar counters. The goal: Guests should always sit comfortably at eye level with their counterparts.

Developments in Gastronomy - Embracing More Sustainability

Bar Furnishings with Sustainable Materials

Hospitality design, i.e. everything that is intended to make rooms more attractive and cosy for guests, has become much more important in recent years. Hospitality design is applied marketing. After all, an interior design that ensures happy faces at the breakfast table must first and foremost please the guest and no one else. Hospitality design doesn’t just mean a cool ambience, but also the most suitable design depending on the operator, the hotel brand and the guest structure.

The trends in gastronomy interiors align with the overall trend in any other interior design project. When it comes to furnishing hotel bars, restaurants, and cafes, themes such as sustainability and minimalism are particularly prevalent. This not only influences the modern bar furnishings in terms of furniture selection but also in terms of the materials used. We also observe a growing demand for innovative and environmentally friendly coverings.

We craft the stools for the bar in your project with the materials you choose. And we understand that it’s not just about appearance. For use in hotels and gastronomy, we generally recommend highly durable materials that are easy to clean. To find the best bar stools for your hotel bar furnishings, get in touch with us and let us guide you through the key steps. We’re always happy to provide you with a quote!

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Club Furniture for Bars

Lounge ideas for Hotel Bars

Whether it’s a city hotel or a cosy retreat in the countryside, hotel bars and restaurants are the perfect stage. Here, hotel guests and locals gather for a drink. Hotel bars often blend a traditional counter setup with an elegant lounge. Guests sit side by side at the lobby bar, positioned at a higher level. This allows them direct eye contact with the bartender, facilitating quick interactions for ordering drinks or snacks.

In the adjacent lounge of hotel bars, the atmosphere is often more relaxed and comfortable. Instead of lobby bar stools, you’ll find plush benches or armchairs that offer generous seating and are notably more comfortable than the counter setup. The seating position is lower and more laid-back, perfect for leaning back, unwinding, and engaging in conversations. Guests typically spend more time here, and both food and drinks are served.

Lease or Rent Hotel Bar Furnishings

Only use furniture, don't buy it

Many of our customers nowadays opt against actually purchasing the furnishings for a hotel bar. Instead, they prefer to lease or rent. For gastronomy and hoteliers, this is a sensible option as it provides them with greater financial flexibility. The upfront costs for counter and bar furnishings are eliminated. Instead, they pay monthly instalments that are significantly lower.

The best part: The hotel bar furnishings stay up-to-date! At the end of the agreed-upon period of use, they can be easily replaced or upgraded. This allows hotels and establishments in the gastronomy sector to respond quickly to changing needs without committing to long-term investments. Simply get in touch for expert advice!

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