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Ball Chairs made in Germany

Customisable Ball Chairs by lillus

For sinking in and staying seated
Ball chairs and stools

Original in shape, inviting in appearance, and comfortable to boot. The shell envelops the “owner” and imparts a sense of security. With this Ball Chair, we have crafted an endearing companion that combines maximum comfort with numerous customisation options, providing a sanctuary of retreat and tranquility within its surroundings. Ideal for creative and individual home and public space furnishings.

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS18 – classic Ball Chair
EUR 2963.03 ex works

LS28 – classic Ball Footstool
EUR 1273.95 ex works

LS70 –  Side Table
EUR 461.34 ex works

LS68 – classic Ball Chair
EUR 2252.10 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 503.36 ex works

LS58 – classic Ball Counter Stool
EUR 2192.43 ex works

LS48 – classic Ball Bar Stool
EUR 2192.43 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 570.59 ex works

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Form follows function - The fascination of the Ball Chair

A Well-Rounded Affair
Ball Chairs & Ball Stools

Like all lillus chairs, the classic design is crafted in the form of a sphere – the simplest geometric shape. Just like a sphere, the Ball Chair, also known as the Sphere Chair or Globe Chair, features only one surface. There are no corners or edges. This characteristic makes the Ball Chair truly unique and a standout piece in upscale interior design.

Depending on the materials and colours used, these padded round chairs and stools seamlessly blend into private or public spaces – or stand out boldly. In any case, they bring smiles to the faces of guests, visitors, patients, or clients. Whether it’s a private living room, a luxurious hotel lobby, a reception area, an executive office, or a VIP lounge, our upholstered furniture adds an element of value to spaces. This is achieved through traditional upholstery craftsmanship and a passion for impeccable design.

Relaxed Sitting in Style - The Limitless Possibilities of Ball Chairs

Creativity in the Shape of a Ball

Immerse yourself in a world of well-being and relaxation with lillus classic Ball Chairs. These unique seating solutions combine exceptional form with seating comfort, stylish design, and maximum customisation possibilities.

Whether luxurious, modern, classic, or themed, the upholstery and colour of the Ball Chairs are unique for each order. Every lillus Ball Chair is individually crafted to perfectly fit into its new home. An individualist like we appreciate. So, you have complete freedom when it comes to design. You alone determine the materials and colours used for both the upholstery and the swivel base. Just as you like it, the Ball Chair seamlessly integrates into your decor or serves as an eye-catching centerpiece for added flair.

By using matching materials, custom colours, or logos, the design ultimately harmonises perfectly with the overall concept of the interior and the brand identity of our clients. For projects as unique as the brands they represent.

The Iconic Ball Chair in Focus

Creating Atmosphere Through Interior Design

Anyone with even a slight interest in interior design is familiar with the famous Eero Aarnio Originals Ball Chair. Like few other pieces of furniture, the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair epitomises the space-age design of the 1960s, the futuristic “Space Age.” Eero Aarnio wondered if it was possible to design furniture using fiberglass and, for the first time, utilised the material commonly used only in boat construction for a seating piece. It was a revolutionary idea by the Finnish designer that continues to endure. Enthusiasts don’t have to settle for the preserved originals; they can also acquire the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair in a modern reissue. Rightfully so, the “Ball Chair” is counted among the greatest design icons.

In homage to this classic of furniture history, the lillus classic Ball Chairs also fit into the tradition of extraordinary seating furniture. They, too, do not adhere to conventional ideas of furniture design. Just like Eero Aarnio’s chair, they represent exceptional seating furniture in distinctive spaces, with their round padded chairs and stools.

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The Fascination of the Circular

Ball Chairs Elevate Spaces

The distinctive form, limitless upholstery options, and exceptional seating comfort make the lillus classic Ball Chair an exceptional piece of furniture. You can find it wherever there is a preference for high-quality, upholstered seating with a wow factor: in hotels, restaurants, bars, upscale retail spaces, corporate offices, clinics, or law firms.

In collaboration with our clients, interior designers, and architects, we create spaces that aim to evoke a special atmosphere. The ball-shaped silhouette of the chairs is immediately recognizable and stands out from conventional seating furniture. Its iconic design draws attention and imparts a distinctive aesthetic to spaces.

The Strong Allure of Ball Chairs

lillus Ball Chairs
A Great Choice

No doubt, Ball Chairs have a special allure due to their unique design and functionality. Alongside their modern, distinctive aesthetics, practical considerations also play a significant role. lillus Ball Chairs feature a central base that allows for a 360-degree swivel. This promotes conversations: the spherical shape encourages people to sit facing each other and engage in communication. Moreover, it’s effortless to arrange various seating configurations. Their flexibility enables seating arrangements to be easily reconfigured as needed.

Ultimately, it’s the quality that speaks for lillus’ round upholstered furniture. Seating in public spaces often sees heavy use and must withstand significant wear and tear. Therefore, only high-quality materials, sturdy constructions, and durable upholstery fabrics can ensure long-term use. Thanks to high-quality frames, meticulously crafted interiors, and upholstery materials tailored to the seating’s location and usage, we can guarantee that lillus Ball Chairs will remain structurally sound and comfortable for years with proper care.

Ball Chairs for All Occasions: 63 or 87 cm in Diameter

A Ball Chair in Two Sizes

Our Ball Chairs and stools offer a variety of options thanks to different sizes and various bases. The smaller shells have a diameter of 63 cm, making them more compact and requiring less floor space. Therefore, they are suitable for furnishing cozy cafes, stylish bars, or restaurant counters.

The larger lounge chairs have a larger diameter: 87 cm. These Ball Chairs are perfect for welcoming entrance areas, relaxed lounge and waiting areas in hotels, businesses, or upscale retail spaces. Last but not least, the large Ball Chairs can also be placed at home as a unique centerpiece.

Ball Chairs: Handcrafted in Germany

The Fundamental Principle Quality

lillus classic Ball Chairs are handcrafted seating furniture known for their timeless design and functionality. They are individually custom-made to order, assembled from many individual components, and meticulously crafted by hand in Germany.

Before production begins, you have the sole discretion to determine how your Ball Chair should be upholstered, which materials and colours we should use. Whether it’s team or corporate colours, with or without a logo, the actual manufacturing process begins only after your preferences are established.

Craftsmanship of the highest caliber, stringent quality standards, and meticulous attention to detail define the production of each chair. To this day, much of it is done by hand. Because customisation and quality demands only allow limited room for mass production. Our upholsterers are masters of their craft. The spherical shape requires sophisticated upholstery techniques, requiring a high level of knowledge and experience that is imbued in every lillus Ball Chair.

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