Our story

lento Passion Project

Our story

lento Passion Project

Our story

lento Passion Project

Unique Ball Chairs
since 2006

lillus is brand by lento born from the passion for making distinctive pieces of furniture for elegant lounging. In 2006 we set out to create a new kind of chairs, worldwide unique and tailormade in Germany.

It’s Style over Competition! With lillus (almost) everything revolves around sports! It’s our passion project that combines enthusiasm for sports with the refined style of the best classics.

Starting with an innovative larger-than-life football for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola, it is the uniqueness of the product combining traditional sports with luxurious hand-craftsmanship and our obsession with quality that set lillus apart from the beginning.

Quality tailormade in Germany

In the boom of the new, the past seems more valuable than ever. Each armchair is a true-to-original replica of the respective ball, has been exactly reproduced in proportion and materials. All lounge chairs and armchairs are made to order according to customer requirements. From many individual parts they are made exclusively by hand. Unique pieces with refined details are created in the tradition of craftsmanship.

detail image of a lounge chair cocktail stool lillus by lento baseball chair ball seat round chair in baseball design homerun in white leather made in germany
detail picture of a lillus homerun baseball chair by lento ball seat lounge chair globe chair bowl chair in baseball design white leather made in germany

Production from order to delivery takes around 4 to 6 weeks. We attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials and the Made in Germany seal of quality.

We swear by domestic production in Germany: the structure of our products is far too complex, our demands on quality and originality too high to leave them in foreign hands. We prefer to take responsibility for all processes of development and production ourselves – from design, toolmaking, the construction of the respective basic shape to the cutting of fabrics and leather and upholstery. And can ensure a high-quality finish.

Not without pride, we say: This quality and uniqueness is sought in vain all over the world.

Fascination with leather

Handcrafted masterpieces: For lillus we searched worldwide for extraordinary leathers. The materials needed to show imperfections and tell the lived history of sports – the story of all those balls that have been well used and much loved.

You have to see it and feel it … The vintage covers for our football chairs are even more evocative of the special feeling of bygone days, of an individualism that has become rare now. The materials are an obvious reference to the Roaring Sixties and Seventies, visually anticipating the natural aging process. They will continue to gather experience as they are used, developing a fine patina and even more character; they will take on traces, wrinkles, a special grip. And they will continue to tell each model’s story.

detail image of leather lounge chair ball chair football chair hattrick lillus by lento retro chair sports furniture made in germany


Behind lento is a creative team with plenty of experience and a great passion for modern, high-quality furniture made in Germany. For almost 20 years, our core business revolves around dynamic office chairs for modern office and work environments focusing on development, manufacturing and B2B sale.


image of matthias your contact person for contract business and architectural sales lillus by lento premium sports furniture

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