Excitement up close: Courtside Seats

The ultimate experience ON the sidelines

Live games are an absolute blast, especially when the spectators are right in the midst of the action. Whether it’s basketball, tennis, or any other indoor sport, lillus Courtside Seats provide fans with a unique experience. They offer front-row exclusivity combined with maximum seating comfort throughout the entire game.

Courtside Seats & Chairs for the ultimate fan experience

Solid Reasons: Courtside Seats for Clubs

They are the best seats in the house: Nothing captures the dynamics and drama of the action better than being in close proximity to the game. However, their number is limited. Accordingly, Courtside Seats are highly coveted among fans – as well as among the responsible clubs.

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Interior Design

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS15 – allnet Basketball Chair
EUR 3,272 ex works

LS25 – allnet Basketball Footstool
EUR 1,436 ex works

LS70 – Side Table
EUR 459 ex works

LS65 – allnet Basketball Chair
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 499 ex works

LS55 – allnet Basketball Counter Stool
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS45 – allnet Basketball Bar Stool
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 569 ex works

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basketball sessel lillus allnet personalisiert

Courtside Seats: Why is it worth it?

Courtside Seats and Chairs are a great revenue-boosting opportunity: Courtside tickets are typically more expensive than regular seating, resulting in higher income. Additionally, with no upfront investment for your club, lillus Courtside Seats can be leased or rented with ease!

Exclusivity and Premium Experience

They provide selected guests with a truly exclusive and top-notch gaming experience, enhancing the overall appeal of the event. Often, tickets for Courtside or Sideline come with additional amenities and VIP services.

Attraction for

The allure is also very high for sponsors: lillus lounge chairs or seats make a mark in the VIP lounge as seating for sponsors of the respective club or their guests. Alternatively, they can be branded and prominently placed as Courtside Seats at the sidelines.

Media Presence and Coverage

As eye-catchers in close proximity to the action, they strengthen the business relationship between the club and the sponsor. They serve as outstanding advertising spaces that, due to their striking appearance, also enhance the media presence and visibility of the respective sponsor.

Courtside Comfort at a Small Price

Excitement up close: Leasing or Renting

Thrilling cheers at the sidelines: Our Courtside Seats are designed so that your club’s fans can sit comfortably for hours. No matter how long the game lasts, the sport-style seats offer unparalleled seating comfort. Depending on the available space, we offer seats with either a 87 cm or 63 cm diameter: as a comfortable lounge chair or a slightly smaller swivel chair or bar stool.

Whether it’s a basketball game or another sports event, our seats combine comfort and style. The best part? You don’t have to buy the Courtside Seats! Simply rent or lease them. This way, you eliminate the upfront costs entirely. You only pay a small monthly fee, which you can easily incorporate into the ticket price for the Courtside Seats, essentially incurring no additional costs!

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basketball courtside chairs lento allnet premium sports furniture

Customize Your Courtside Lounge

Exclusive Design at the Sidelines

This is the lillus Courtside Seat Definition: Maximal stylish seating in close proximity to the playing field or area at sports events, concerts, or other live events. Designed so that your guests literally become part of the game.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter in which design you want the seats: Basketball? Tennis? Football? It doesn’t matter! You can also freely choose the colours to match the club’s style or the theme of the event. We offer a variety of customisation options to make the Courtside Seats unique to your club. Choose the club logo, colours, and design to personalise the seats for your club, whether it’s a basketball game or another thrilling sports event.

Basketball, Tennis, or any other sport: Order your Courtside Seats now

Purchase Directly from the Manufacturer

Ready for a breathtaking experience with courtside seats from lillus? Order the seats for your club today and immerse yourself in the sport in all-new comfort and style. Let our team advise you and find the perfect courtside seat for your club’s needs. Whether it’s a small game or a huge sporting event, lillus courtside seats are sports entertainment with unrivalled looks and comfort.

Whether it’s 2 branded lounge chairs for sponsors on the sidelines or a whole row of chairs for VIP fans. Our courtside seats are definitely worth the investment! Let the quality of these special eye-catchers convince you while they help your club create an unforgettable atmosphere and give fans a special VIP feeling.

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