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Black and White Football Chairs made in Germany

Black and white football chairs & seats

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An icon in black and white

It’s the 1970 FIFA World Cup… For the first time, a ball with black panels on a white background is used. It’s a German ball. To this day, it shapes the appearance of soccer balls worldwide and is inseparably linked to the sport, deeply rooted in people’s consciousness. Our chair is a homage to this icon and traditional craftsmanship. Elaborately stitched with hexagonal and pentagonal panels, it is literally flawless all around.

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS11 – Football Chair
EUR 3070.59 ex works

LS21 – Football Footstool
EUR 1274.79 ex works

LS11 – Football Chair – Vintage Leather
EUR 3339.50 ex works

LS70 –  Side Table
EUR 461.34 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 503.36 ex works

LS61 – Football Chair – Vintage Leather
EUR 2373.11 ex works

LS61 – Football Chair
EUR 2331.09 ex works

LS51 – Football Counter Stool – Vintage Leather
EUR 2310.09 ex works

LS51 – Football Counter Stool
EUR 2268.07 ex works

LS41 – Football Bar Stool – Vintage Leather
EUR 2310.09 ex works

LS41 – Football Bar Stool
EUR 2268.07 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 570.59 ex works

Seating furniture in football design for creative & individual decor

Living history
Football armchairs & football chairs

Remembering football milestones… Meticulously stitched with hexagonal and pentagonal panels, it is truly flawless all around. A designer piece that stands out for its originality and quality. Classic in black and white, single or multicoloured. Alone, as a duo, or in a set of four. In perfect harmony with a simple ottoman or combined with a round side table.

Black and White Passion: Telstar Football Design Icon

Official World Cup Match Ball
of the 1970s

White hexagons, black pentagons: Since 1970, this ball has represented the sport itself. The “Telstar Durlast” is among the design classics of the 20th century. It was the official match ball for the FIFA World Cups in 1970 in Mexico and 1974 in Germany, as well as the UEFA European Championships in 1972 in Belgium and 1976 in Yugoslavia. A design icon that still embodies the “typical” football with its characteristic panel structure.

Whether in a classic homage to the original ball, as black and white football chairs, in subtle monochrome or brightly colored versions, these chairs harmonize with their surroundings while retaining their timeless, classic flair.

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Incorporate Emotion: With Seating Furniture in Football Design

Big or small?
Black and white or monochromatic?

With special materials and an extensive range – from lounge chairs in various seat heights to dining, cocktail, or swivel chairs, all the way to bar stools and counter chairs – you can depict the full spectrum of the sport. Regardless of the available space. That’s because Hattrick football chairs come in two sizes with a variety of bases to suit all needs: for furnishing cafeterias, bars, counters, or restaurants, for setting up foyers, lounge and waiting areas, VIP and player zones, or for placing a special eyecatcher at home.

Whether in commercial or residential settings, these are seating pieces that evoke emotions and associations. They seek attention, transmit the passion of sports to the decor, create an atmosphere, and inspire a desire for quality and materials.

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football chair black barstool sports furniture
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Rugged on the outside, comfortable on the inside

Vintage leather for
an authentic used look

Actors of magical moments – not just on the playing field. hattrick football chairs make it easy to furnish spaces with the aura of authenticity. Upon request, they can be crafted with materials that celebrate imperfections, telling the story of a well-loved, well-used ball and the rich history of sports.

In addition to their distinctive design and unique form, it’s the vintage covers of these chairs and stools that truly set them apart. They embody the special ambiance of a bygone era and a level of individuality that is rare in today’s world. These materials unmistakably harken back to the Roaring Sixties and Seventies, visually capturing the natural aging process. As they are used, they gain more experience, developing a delicate patina and more character, showcasing marks, creases, and a distinctive texture.

Statement pieces with a football-inspired aesthetic

For all football-inspired

Football is more than just a sport; it’s a passion, an emotion, and a way of life. If you’re a passionate football fan, architect, interior designer, or planner in search of seating furniture that perfectly reflects the dedication to the game, then these black-and-white football chairs and stools are the ideal choice for you.

They are primarily designed for football enthusiasts or sports lovers and will always find their place where fun and the passion for football are emphasized: in football clubs, stadiums, public facilities, recreational centers, libraries, or community centers, sports bars, specialty sports stores, at football games, or exhibitions.

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fussball lounge sessel stuhl lento lillus hattrick echtleder classic 2

Setting up with highlights: furniture as eye-catchers in the room

Creating atmosphere in spaces

For interior designers and planners, it’s a well-known fact that every room needs highlights that immediately capture attention and make it distinct. Setting accents is the motto, and hattrick football furniture can do just that perfectly!

As eye-catchers in a room, they play a central role in interior design. They can define the focal point of a space, influence emotions, and emphasize the uniqueness of a room. Moreover, they seamlessly blend art and functionality, effortlessly creating design contrasts and enhancing the identity of a space. Whether in homes, stores, or public establishments, these special pieces of furniture are a key to creating an appealing and inviting atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Custom-made to order

Customized & Handcrafted
in Germany

Customized, Handcrafted, and Made to Order in Germany: Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, and you have the sole discretion to choose the ball’s covering, select materials, and colors. Whether it’s in team or corporate colors, with or without a logo – the choice is yours.

Interested? Talk to us! Whether you prefer a neutral design or a personalized one with logo embroidery, whether it’s classic black and white or in your team or company’s colors: Together, we’ll find the perfect model, select suitable materials and colors, and provide you with a personalized offer!

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