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Projects: Sport-Inspired Interiors

If you love sports, sit with lillus!

lillus aims to inspire. We craft tailor-made, personalized solutions for clients worldwide and projects of all scales…from New York to Abu Dhabi, from Madrid to Tokyo.

No matter how your project takes shape in the realms of office, hospitality, gastronomy, wellness, sports industry, sporting goods, sports services, or sports management… We are the perfect partner. Because we create unique atmospheres. Exceptional. Worldwide. Let yourself be inspired…

lillus premium sports furniture made in germany hotel jagdhof 3

5-Star Wellness Hotel Jagdhof | Röhrnbach, Germany

High-Quality Seating Furniture for Exclusive Hotels and Luxury Resorts

Unique Sporting Experience: The Jagdhof in the Bavarian Forest is one of the leading sports hotels in Southern Germany, boasting a top-notch fitness landscape. Naturally, the right seating furniture is a must.

lillus fussball loungesessel echtleder coworking space wow zeitz

WOW – World Of Work | Zeitz, Germany

Midzone & Lounge in the Office

Hybrid, Remote, and Office Work… Our work culture is evolving, and so is our communication. While dedicated conference rooms are still the go-to solution for internal meetings and negotiations in many offices, open concepts for the midzone offer greater agility and contribute to the well-being of everyone.

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lillus lento wembley referenzen fussball lougesessel ballsessel lengermann trieschmann 2

L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann | Osnabrück, Germany

Authenticity for Shop Fitting & Individual
Shop Concepts

No one enjoys spending time in stores and shops if they have to sit on uninspiring chairs in a lackluster atmosphere. Unparalleled interiors make the difference: emotional and comfortable seating enhances the attention to the product range and the dwell time in the shop, especially in high-quality shop fitting.

Photo by Joachim Grothus, Herford

basketball courtside chairs lento allnet premium sport furniture made in germany
courtside chairs lento allnet premium sport furniture counter stools
allnet Courtside Seats in einer Basketball Arena mit Logo

Syntainics MBC | Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club | Weißenfels, Germany

Front Row Experience
High-End Seats at Courtside
VIP & Courtside Lounge

Sitting courtside with lillus: Courtside seats are popular, as are VIP box seats in the major stadiums. Because the seats right at the edge of the playing field or in the box guarantee the best view. Nowhere else can you get so close, feel the sport so vividly. For the perfect stadium experience…

RTL Matchday | Köln, Germany

The Perfect Setting for
TV Shows, Livestreams & Interviews"

Whether it’s a football talk show in a TV studio or the classic player interview with post-game analysis and opinions, lillus ball chairs are perfect seating options for coaches, players, journalists, and officials within the context of any sports presentation and coverage.

sports furniture tv show livestream sports interview lillus wembley
football chair sports furniture hattrick lillus lento made in germany 1

Hugo Boss AG | Metzingen, Germany

Sponsorship & Advertising

Project-specific colours, materials, and custom printing or embroidery: Whether it’s a corporate logo, team emblem, slogan, signature, or campaign tagline… With personalized aesthetics, customized furniture pieces emphasize the personality of every business, helping you successfully stand out from the competition.

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