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Customizable Tennis Chairs & Seats by lillus

Game, Set and Match
The court must wait

Then and now: The sport of tennis, a timeless classic. During the glory days of the 80s and 90s, it found its way into our hearts and has become an integral part ever since. It defines the character of this chair, distinguished by its originality and quality, top-notch materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. Comfort and effortless elegance with no compromises. The chair shines in the classic tennis colors of yellow or cream, or any other color you prefer. A perfect match, one way or another, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS14 – volley Tennis Chair
EUR 3319.33 ex works

LS24 – volley Tennis Footstool
EUR 1525.21 ex works

LS14 – volley Tennis Chair
EUR 3319.33 ex works

LS70 –  Side Table
EUR 461.34 ex works

LS64 – volley Tennis Chair
EUR 2552.10 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 503.36 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 570.59 ex works

LS54 – volley Tennis Counter Stool
EUR 2489.08 ex works

LS44 – volley Tennis Bar Stool
EUR 2489.08 ex works

Tennis Chairs & Seats: Furniture in a league of its own

They still exist
the good things in life

It’s a matter of style, not competition. With their unique shape reminiscent of an original tennis ball, lillus volley Tennis Chairs and Seats are a true dream for all tennis fans and those who hold this sport close to their hearts.

These exceptional pieces of furniture embody the casualness and playful elegance that once made tennis a cult sport. A modern tribute to the golden times and “great tennis” in the truest sense of the word. They are seats that join the ranks of the most special furnishings, visually recalling the most impressive sporting achievements in tennis. Whether it’s the sporting rivalry and rivalry between Björn Borg and John McEnroe, the triumphs of tennis icons Boris Becker and Steffi Graf, or the successes of today’s tennis idols.

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Comfortable, stylish, and a real eye-catcher: Tennis furniture for sitting

Tennis Club Bar or Lounge
Where Comfort Meets Sport Style

They captivate an entire nation: Thanks to their special design and comfortable cushioning, ball-shaped seating furniture contributes to making you feel like you’re on the most famous tennis court in the world. Or participating in one of the major Grand Slam tournaments, the most important competitions in tennis. These tournaments include the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Lillus volley Tennis Chairs are so versatile that they can be used anywhere: as communicative lounge chairs in a tennis club, as comfortable seating for tennis players or spectators on the court, as tennis chairs in the attached restaurant, or as tennis bar stools at the bar. The only place where these seating pieces can’t score points is as tennis referee chairs: they are simply not tall enough. After all, a tennis referee can only have a good overview of the entire game if they are seated at an appropriate height.

The Original: Tennis Seating Furniture by lillus

A Round Affair
volley Tennis Chairs & Tennis Seats

volley is a classic chair by lillus: Like all Ball Chairs, they are based on the simplest geometric shape – the sphere – but faithfully resemble tennis balls. The result is seating furniture that is not only comfortable but also a real eye-catcher in any room.

These are pieces of furniture that capture the dynamics and energy of a tennis ball and bring it into the world of interior design. In doing so, they combine a passion for tennis with the art of furniture design. And they remind us that furniture design can be more than just function: it can be an art that reflects our personality and interests.

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Outside Ball, Inside Comfort

Tennis Ball Design with an
Intelligent Mix of Materials

The most striking feature of these chairs and seats is undoubtedly their outer shell. It is designed exactly like a tennis ball, with a textured yellow-green surface and the characteristic beige lines. This faithful reproduction immediately evokes associations with the sport of tennis and lends the room a sporty and vibrant atmosphere.

However, unlike recliners or furniture pieces solely focused on customization and functionality, the lillus volley places its emphasis on the combination of physical presence and comfort. Because the tennis ball chair impresses not only with its exterior appearance. Its interior is a masterpiece of seating comfort. The cushioning is soft and offers hours of comfort. The generous shape of the chairs allows you to cozy up and, at the same time, stylishly enhance spaces. So, when it comes to tennis, always pay attention to comfort alongside aesthetics!

Integrating Emotions with Seating Furniture in Tennis Ball Design

Sporty Aesthetics &
Ultimate Comfort

Wherever sports play a role: Our special tennis-themed furniture conveys emotions. They incorporate the passion of the sport into interior design, reflect hobbies and interests, and create a mood-setting atmosphere. They are oases of tranquility in public spaces, sporty lounge chairs, design objects, and timeless elegant eye-catchers that quickly become the focal point of any room. And a topic of conversation for all who see them.

The applications are limitless: in the living room as a striking statement piece, in waiting areas or lounges of commercial or public establishments such as tennis clubs, sports stores, or sports clubs, in the offices of sports doctors and therapists, in the headquarters of major tennis sports equipment manufacturers, at sports events, trade shows, or tennis tournaments, in the hotel and hospitality industry, in sports bars, and more. Everywhere these tennis-themed chairs and seats not only offer comfort to guests but also emphasize the sporty orientation of the place.

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2 Sizes: The Versatility of Tennis Ball Chairs & Seats

Whether Tennis Singles, Doubles
or as a Whole Team

The versatility of our tennis ball seating furniture allows them to be used in various settings to create a unique atmosphere. Where there is ample space, the lounge chairs with a diameter of 87 cm are ideal. For example, to furnish foyer lounges and waiting areas in the clubhouse as a communal space for relaxation and social gatherings, to outfit VIP and player zones, or to place a special eye-catcher at home.

And in situations where compact dimensions are needed, the tennis chair with a diameter of 63 cm excels as a bar stool or counter chair, or as a chair for the dining table or as a cocktail chair in a group. Depending on the intended use, the seating height can vary based on the base used. Regardless of the version you choose, the swivel chairs rotate around their own axis, making it easier to move in and out of the chair and engage in conversations.

Customized & Handcrafted in Germany

A Dream in Yellow or Your Choice: Personalized Design

Custom Tennis Furniture: Our tennis chairs and seats are companions for a long time. We understand the responsibility that comes with that. That’s why these round upholstered pieces are still crafted in the traditional way right here in Germany. Specifically, they are made to order in our upholstery workshop.

Interested? Talk to us! Whether it’s club or company colors, with or without a logo, together we select materials and colors. Because all lillus upholstered furniture offers a high degree of customization. This way, we can easily create furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind. It will take a few weeks for us to source all the desired materials and craft your new tennis furniture, made to measure, with many individual components and artisanal details.

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