A golf ball for sitting


Golf chair made in Germany

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Customisable golf chairs and seats by lillus

A new aesthetic in form, material and appearance

Golf is more popular than ever. This chair, shaped like a golf ball, is the perfect place to relax beyond the greens. Simple, with clean lines and gentle curves. A golf chair that pays homage to the sport and redefines the passion for golf. Like the golf ball, the chair shell is adorned with the typical golf ball dimples. Put your feet up before it’s time for the next tee-off! Your fairway to heaven… with room for the entire flight.

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Interior Design
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Handmade in
Germany since 2006

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From the Manufacturer
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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS13 – eagle Golf Chair
EUR 2594.12 ex works

LS13 – eagle Golf Chair
EUR 2148.74 ex works

LS23 – eagle Golf Footstool
EUR 1274.79 ex works

LS70 –  Side Table
EUR 461.34 ex works

LS63 – homerun Baseball Chair
EUR 1657.98 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 503.36 ex works

LS53 – eagle Golf counter stool
EUR 2040.34 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 570.59 ex works

LS53 – eagle Golf Counter Stool
EUR 1594.96 ex works

LS43 – eagle Golf Bar Stool
EUR 1594.96 ex works

Golf chairs & golf seats: A league of their own

Over par! Fascinating game
fascinating furniture

Our special golf chairs are companions for a lifetime. We understand the responsibility that comes with them. That’s why they continue to be crafted in the traditional way here in Germany.

They are more than just furniture. Inspired by the form and aesthetics of a golf ball, eagle golf chairs pay tribute to the elegance of the sport of golf and offer unparalleled seating comfort. They are luxurious lounge chairs, oases of tranquility in public spaces that bring elegance and luxury to their surroundings. They are design objects and timeless, elegant eye-catchers. Whether in hotel lobbies, exclusive golf clubs, or upscale restaurants – lillus golf chairs and seats become a prominent focal point of interior design and a place of relaxation.

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A chair inspired by golf balls

A well rounded affair:
eagle golf chairs & golf seats

Unique design for golf enthusiasts and lovers of extraordinary furnishings. Whether you play golf yourself or have a different passion for the sport, with eagle golf furniture, your interior will always reflect a part of this passion.

Like all lillus Ball Chairs, golf chairs and seats are based on the simplest geometric shape – the sphere. They are life-sized golf balls that come as lounge chairs, barstools, or swivel chairs. In golf clubs, golf hotels or resorts, restaurants and bars, in golf course pro shops… Everywhere where members and guests are offered a comfortable seating option for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying the golf atmosphere.

Comfort in the shape of a golf ball: golf chairs & seats

Seating furniture in golf design –
an expression of a unique passion

As round as a golf ball and just as beautiful – including the golf ball dimples on the chair’s shell. They create a strong visual connection to the sport of golf, emphasize the passion for the game, and turn lillus eagle golf chairs and seats into symbolic pieces of furniture for golf enthusiasts. And for all those who can appreciate unconventional designs!

The dimples on the chair shell contribute to the unique aesthetics of the furniture piece. It’s a design element that helps make the golf chairs stand out in any interior. Observers are immediately reminded of the distinctive appearance of golf balls. Moreover, the dimples also offer a tactile experience, adding an additional sensory dimension to these characterful seating pieces.

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Golf chairs: A dream in all white or a custom colour of your choice

Statement Pieces for Golf-Inspired Interiors

Golf balls are typically white because they are more visible, especially on grass or a green background. This makes it easier for players to track the ball after it’s been hit. However, there are golf balls available in other colours. Especially in certain weather conditions like fog or dusk, coloured balls are often more visible than white ones.

To ensure that eagle golf chairs and seats capture attention anywhere and anytime, they, like chameleons, adapt to the color needed for each specific project. They often remain classic in white or black but are also used with accent colors when architects, interior designers, or planners want to create special visual highlights. Matching upholstery materials are then selected for the soft cushions. Upon request, the golf chairs can also be branded, for example, with a company logo on the outer shell or logo embroidery on the back cushion.

Golf chair or stool: 2 sizes for all needs

Lounge chair, barstool
or swivel chair

With two different sizes – either golf chairs with a 87 cm diameter or golf seats with a 63 cm diameter – we literally pass the ball to you. Because lillus eagle golf chairs and golf seats adapt to the requirements you have for them.

Are you looking for comfortable lounge chairs or club chairs to furnish a lobby, foyer, lounge, waiting areas, VIP zones, or to place a special eye-catcher at home? Perfect, eagle golf chairs with an 87 cm diameter work as individual solitaires or in groups. They provide a tranquil space for conversations or a brief retreat and encourage guest interaction. On the other hand, when it comes to furnishing cafes, bars, or restaurants where space is often limited, smaller chairs, golf barstools, and swivel chairs are in demand. Their shell diameter is only 63 cm.

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Experience golf: Chairs and seats in golf design

The perfect swing for
many interiors

Regardless of size or colour, eagle golf chairs and seats are comfortable and stylish eye-catchers. They have the ability to infuse emotions wherever they are placed. As lounge chairs for clubhouses or golf resorts, they provide the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view of the golf course. As barstools or swivel chairs for bars and restaurants, they offer comfortable seating for guests looking to have a drink or a meal after a round of golf.

And even beyond golf resorts & co: Due to their exceptional design, these round seating pieces fit just as well in retail environments, private homes, sports bars, themed restaurants, or recreational facilities. They are also suitable for hotels, events, or trade shows, and serve as unconventional seating options in offices or business spaces related to the sports and leisure industry. lillus eagle golf chairs & seats create an inviting and thematic ambiance.

Tailor-made in Germany

Highly customisable

Made-to-order individual production from numerous components and artisanal details, exclusively handcrafted in Germany: You have full control over how the chair should be upholstered, determining the materials and colours used. Whether it’s club or company colours, with or without a logo. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a customisable leather lounge chair, we recommend our models wembley or classic.

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