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Globe Chairs made in Germany

Customisable Globe Chairs by lillus

A Round Affair
art Globe Chairs & Seats

This chair is like a blank sheet of paper that invites you to create new interpretations of the classic design again and again. The shell in particular can be customised to your heart’s content, not just through the materials and colours chosen for the covers: lacquered, printed, painted, covered with stickers … there are no limits to your imagination. Pop art is alive!

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS17 – art Globe Chair
EUR 2,292 ex works

LS27 – art Globe Footstool
EUR 1,452 ex works

LS70 – Side Table
EUR 459 ex works

Ball Sessel Art lillus Loungesessel lento

LS17 – art Globe Chair
EUR 2,577 ex works

LS67 – art Globe Chair
EUR 1,658 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 499 ex works

LS57 – art Globe Counter Stool
EUR 1,658 ex works

LS47 – art Globe Bar Stool
EUR 1,658 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 569 ex works

Form follows function – The fascination of Globe Chairs

For individual moments
of relaxation

The outer shell of the striking model becomes a work of art … your work of art! Your own colour? Logo? Or a full-surface motif? The design in the three-dimensional curved space of the sphere is particularly demanding, but also demonstrates the almost unlimited possibilities of these special products.

Sometimes the spherical chair dares to make an extravagant appearance, sometimes it keeps a low profile. Sometimes it impresses with natural charm, sometimes with a trendy message. Sometimes it shines with natural grace, feminine grace or cool strength. It blends harmoniously into any environment, but retains its timeless, classic flair. It’s entirely up to you: depending on the chosen colour and upholstery materials, the round upholstered armchair blends in with its surroundings – or stands out.

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lillus art – A league of its own

Seating comfort in
the perfect form

All lillus art globe chairs are spherical – the purest form we know. And like a sphere, this globe chair has no corners or edges; instead, it boasts a continuous outer surface. This uniqueness makes it an absolute focal point in upscale interior design: a haven of tranquility in public spaces, a luxurious pop art chair, and a timeless and elegantly designed object.

This spherical chair is stripped down to its essence in terms of form, captivating with its clear and simple beauty. But it’s far from mundane! Mounted just above the ground on a round metal base, the globe chair can fully rotate around its axis, allowing you to vary the view.

Creativity in sphere form: Pop Art Chairs

Colourful globe chairs as
design statements

Everyone knows the iconic Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio. The completely new and unconventional armchair shape was created back in the 1960s and has lost none of its modernity to this day. The original by Eero Aarnio continues to enjoy great popularity. With its simple, concise shape and signal colours, it still stands for the optimistic, consumer-oriented pop culture of the 1960s.

The original lillus art spherical chairs also tie in with this tradition. The spherical chairs – also known as globe chairs or sphere chairs – are life-size spheres for sitting on. Their shape is simple and concise. Their colours are often signal, but can also be understated if desired. While the matt or glossy lacquered sphere looks futuristic and cool on the outside, it conceals cosy, soft upholstery on the inside.

lillus art kugelsessel pop art sessel rot 1 1
lillus art kugel sessel pop art sessel rot 1 1
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For those who seek the extraordinary

Outside spherical, inside comfortable

What’s it like to sit in a sphere? Surprisingly comfortable! This is the experience most of our customers have when they first take a seat in one of our expressive spherical chairs. But what makes our globe chairs so special? It’s the interplay of timeless form and functional utility.

The unique form imparts a distinct dynamism to the round chair. With its extravagant aesthetics, it sets itself apart from the often-seen shapes of lounge chairs or upholstered chairs. At the same time, the globe chair embraces those seeking rest with its open design, providing them with exactly what they need: pure relaxation. In this way, these chairs offer so much comfort that one wouldn’t want to get up from them.

The globe chair fits seamlessly in private living rooms, public waiting areas, executive offices, lounges, or hotel lobbies. No matter where it’s placed, its effect remains consistent: it brings a smile to the faces of visitors, patients, or customers.

Spherical chair aesthetics

Elegant form for modern interiors

Welcome to our world of globe chairs! art globe chairs represent timeless design and functionality. They invite guests and visitors to take a seat and experience the environment from a new perspective. In a world where aesthetics and function go hand in hand, globe chairs set an impressive standard for contemporary spatial design.

With globe chairs, both private and public spaces become stages for impressive aesthetics and inspiring design. They are not just seating, but true works of art. The gentle curvature and organic shape of these seating pieces evoke minimalist sculptures and seamlessly integrate into various design concepts. From stylishly minimalist to futuristically inspired, globe chairs are highly adaptable and suit a variety of interior designs.

They create an inviting atmosphere that encourages lingering. Their structural elegance generates a pleasing balance between openness and privacy, making them perfect havens in bustling environments.

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Globe Chairs in 2 sizes: 63 or 87 cm in diameter

A Globe Chair for every occasion

Lounge chairs, bar stools, swivel chairs, dining, counter, or bar stools? No matter to us! Available in 2 sizes, these globe chairs are here to make it easy for all planners and architects to furnish spaces with the uniqueness of the sphere.

Depending on the space available and the required seat height, we offer shells with diameters of either 87 cm or 63 cm. The significantly smaller variant is perfect when space is limited. Each with a swivel base or fixed… Let us guide you through all the possibilities!

Handcrafted Globe Chairs from Germany

Fundamental Principle: Quality

Our special Sphere Chairs are companions for the long haul. We understand the responsibility that comes with that. That’s why they continue to be crafted in the traditional way right here in Germany. These are handcrafted seating pieces, individually tailored for our customers, meticulously assembled from many components and with numerous artisanal details. Handmade. In a small upholstery workshop in the heart of Germany.

Our commitment to customisation and quality leaves no room for assembly line production. This is why craftsmanship at the highest level, rigorous quality standards, and unwavering attention to detail define the creation of each chair. Our upholsterers are masters of their craft. The spherical shape demands an intricate upholstery technique with a wealth of knowledge and experience that goes into every lillus Sphere Chair.

Before we begin, you alone decide how your Sphere Chair will be upholstered, what materials and colours we will use. Whether it’s team or corporate colours, with or without a logo. Only then does the actual manufacturing process begin.

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