A Seat Shaped Like a Basketball


Basketball Chairs made in Germany

Basketball Furniture: The "Most Valuable Player" in the Room

For All Basketball-Inspired Interiors

The most prominent position in basketball is the Centre. And now, our chair takes on the leading role, embodying perfection in every aspect. From comfort and aesthetics to the choice of materials, it strikes a flawless balance, offering the finest seating experience. The intricate features of our premium furniture extend to its “smaller” counterparts as well. Whether standing alone, arranged in sets of two or three, or even as an entire team complemented by a coordinating footstool or side table, they exude absolute flawlessness.

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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from the Manufacturer

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Leasing or
Instalment Payment

LS15 – Basketball Chair
EUR 3,272 ex works

LS65 – Basketball Chair
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS25 – Basketball Footstool
EUR 1,436 ex works

LS45 – Basketball Bar Stool
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS55 – Basketball Counter Stool
EUR 2,345 ex works

LS70 – Side Table
EUR 459 ex works

LS74 – Dining Table
EUR 499 ex works

LS75 – Bar Table
EUR 569 ex works

basketball courtside chairs lento allnet premium sport furniture made in germany
courtside chairs lento allnet premium sport furniture counter stools
basketball courtside chairs lento allnet premium sports furniture

lillus allnet – A League of Its Own

Perfect Seating for Every Basketball Experience

Our unique basketball lounge chairs stand as enduring companions. We fully understand the responsibility that comes with this role. Consequently, they continue to be crafted in the time-honoured tradition of German craftsmanship. They serve as havens of serenity in public spaces, offering opulent lounge seating, serving as design focal points, and remaining timelessly elegant eye-catchers.

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Unmistakable Basketball-Shaped Design

A Round Thing:
allnet Basketball Chairs and Stools

Whether it’s a basketball chair or a stool, each allnet swivel chair draws its inspiration from the simplest and most fundamental geometric shape – the sphere. This representation symbolises an unwavering commitment to perfection in every intricate detail, embodying a new era of chairs that seamlessly melds timeless design with an ardent sporting spirit.

lillus basketball armchairs possess universal aesthetic appeal and make a statement wherever they are placed. They introduce captivating focal points to any space, characterised by their refined and uncluttered forms, plush and yielding upholstery, as well as their fusion of materials imbued with distinctive character. Soft textile leather adorns the exterior, adopting the quintessential hues of basketball. Meanwhile, the interior features fabric, textile leather, or genuine leather options. This is paired with a swivel base, available in gleaming stainless steel or coated in black. The result is a harmonious fusion of comfort, opulence, and style, tailored to satiate the desires of basketball enthusiasts and aficionados of ball sports alike.

Settling into an allnet Swivel Chair Means Letting Go of Everyday Life

In Anticipation of the Playoffs

Comfortable, stylish, and an undeniable showstopper: With their circular form and sports-infused design, lillus basketball chairs bid adieu to the conventional. In an instant, they metamorphose any mundane space into one teeming with vibrancy and allure.

What could possibly surpass the pleasure of reclining in a plush chair, unwinding while catching your treasured basketball match on television? The imaginative furniture creations by lillus elevate this experience to unparalleled heights. These pieces extend to sports enthusiasts the chance to revel in seating inspired by the very contours of the game balls themselves. A design that’s an ode to basketball aficionados, and beyond!

lillus allnet basketball chairs counter stool
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lillus allnet basketball chairs court side chairs style

Furniture for Basketball and Sports Enthusiasts

Infusing Emotion into Spaces with Basketball-Inspired Design Seating

Whether it’s a bar or counter stool, a dining or cocktail chair, no collection rivals this one in encapsulating the entire spectrum of sports. This collection possesses the remarkable ability to infuse emotions into commercial spaces and seamlessly integrate with people’s home lifestyles. It exudes the very passion that resonates within sports, establishing an immersive backdrop and extending an invitation to revel in top-tier quality and materials.

It stands as the quintessential furnishing for basketball-themed interiors. The allnet basketball chair introduces an unparalleled concept, merging design elements inspired by sports into the realm of furniture. This extraordinary lounge chair serves as a testament that thinking outside the box can yield exceptional and enticing products.

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basketball sessel lillus allnet courtside vip sitze
basketball sessel lillus allnet personalisiert

Creators of Enchanting Moments – Beyond the Court As Well

Exuding Effortless Swagger

Our basketball chair doesn’t only stir excitement during the playoffs. Opt for it in the classic dual-tone black and brown colour scheme reminiscent of the original ball. Alternatively, upon your request, it can also stand as your emotive representative in your corporate hues or adorned with your company or sponsor logo, embodying a unique fusion of branding and style.

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image of a lillus by lento bar table dining table in black and white colour stainless steel german sports furniture unique lounge chair for sports industry gastronomy hotel area
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Ball Chair with Diameter of either 63 cm or 87 cm

A Seating Solution for Every Scenario

Offering two sizes and an array of complementing bases, we are essentially “passing the ball” to cater to diverse seating scenarios. Whether it’s a cafeteria, bar, counter space, or restaurant; for crafting foyers, lounges, and waiting zones; VIP and player domains; or serving as a captivating accent in an office, living area, or children’s room – our versatile options are designed to fit seamlessly into various settings.

Custom-Crafted in Germany

Uniquely Tailored to Your Preferences

Crafted to order, every chair in our collection is an individual masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted from premium materials, and exclusively produced in Germany. The power to shape your chair lies solely in your hands: you determine its upholstery, the selection of materials, and the palette of colours – even the incorporation of club or corporate hues and embroidered logos.

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