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Bowling chairs & furniture made in Germany

Bowling furniture: Creative decorating with bowling chairs & stools

Bowling ball-shaped furniture
as a statement piece

strike – a chair as round as a bowling ball. And just as beautiful! Bowling balls often feature contrasting colors, patterns, or designs, which can improve their visibility and make them easier to track on the lane. The same effect can be seen with lillus’ strike bowling chairs & stools! They too capture everyone’s attention. Whether in a solid color or airbrushed, adorned with a team or league logo, or completely customized, they are creative and unique pieces of furniture that add a hefty dose of fun and originality to your decor. Whether you’re a bowling enthusiast or simply have a penchant for unconventional designs, these chairs are sure to make a striking statement.

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Interior Design

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Handmade in Germany
Since 2006

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bowling chair lillus strike quality sports furniture
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In the shape of a bowling ball: bowling chairs & stools

For all bowling-inspired interiors

Bowling chairs and furniture: Your new must-have! The outer shell of these chairs is made of plastic, creating the perfect illusion of a bowling ball. But these round chairs and stools offer more than just good looks. lillus’ bowling furniture combines design and functionality. The interior is equipped with plush, soft cushions. The seating area is generously sized, providing excellent comfort for a cozy and relaxed feeling. After all, guests often spend many hours during a leisurely dinner, in the lounge, or at the bowling alley. They should feel comfortable and sit with ease.

At the same time, we ensure that lillus’ bowling furniture is suitable for intensive use and meets all the requirements of the hospitality and entertainment industry. These are the perfect indoor furniture pieces for any bowling room, indoor lobby, or leisure seating at home!

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strike for relaxation: design in the bowling center

Bowling furniture as the highlight
of your decor

Many of our customers place great importance on making their bowling establishment stand out from the rest. They want all elements to come together cohesively and create an exciting overall experience. When seeking truly exceptional eye-catchers, lillus bowling chairs are the perfect choice: spherical bowling furniture shaped like bowling balls. They are ideal for any bowling alley and bowling center! Plus, they offer a fresh alternative to traditional bowling furniture.

With strike bowling chairs and stools, you have maximum flexibility. They are tailor-made seating solutions for the interior design of bowling centers and lanes, leisure facilities, and the hospitality industry. So, whenever extraordinary seating is required, treat yourself to the striking effect with our bowling chairs and furniture.

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Cozy, communicative, modern

Custom bowling furniture
in your desired design

Whether 87 or 63 cm in diameter. Whether lounge chairs, bar stools, or swivel chairs. lillus bowling chairs and bowling stools adapt to the demands placed on them: lined up at the bar, grouped in the lounge, or as individual solitaires throughout the center. They promote guest communication, provide a quiet place for conversations or a brief retreat: bowling chairs and furniture in a unique style as custom lobby furniture for indoor use.

Like a chameleon, they also change their appearance: Whether painted or airbrushed. Whether with a logo or without. Whether durable synthetic leather or cozy fabric: You can choose from countless configurations! Talk to us: How should your bowling furniture look?
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